Frequently Asked Question

How fast is the shipping?

Usually we will process it on the same day and the item will be shipped out the following working day. For example, if we receive the order on Monday, we will dispatched it on Tue and it should reach its destination the following day. If you place an order on Thursday, we will send the item our on Friday and it should reach you on Monday morning.

Rural addresses and south island might take a little while more. We provide tracking number on all items and our preferred courier is CourierPost. Adding on, signature is required when we ship out items more than a certain value.

How do we select Oxipay or Partpay? or Genoapay?

You can select that during checkout on our website and it will link you to our partner’s website where they will process your application and once that is done, we will receive the authorization from them and we will send the item out.

For Genoapay, you can apply the account on Genoapay's website at and contact us via email or our Facebook Page with product order and your registered mobile number with Genoapay, we will then send a text message to your mobile number to accept.

How to apply for weekly or fortnightly payments?

Just go to our website at
Add the product that you want to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
Once you are at checkout, you will be given a couple of options for Easy Finance or full payment. If you are selecting Easy Finance, you will be redirected to our Finance Services for registration and once its approved, we will send your item out immediately

Why my layby payments is different from what we stated on our website?

The requirements are set by our layby partners and we do not have control over them. You might need to give them a call and enquire about it. We only process and dispatch once we receive an authorization from them.

Are these phones genuine?

Yes all our phones are genuine. Every phone that comes into our store goes through a 30 point inspection to ensure that the phones are genuine. You can too check its IMEI on the official Apple's website We also recommend you to verify it yourself, you can search for it in our FAQ or in our Facebook page at

Do they come with the original Apple Box?

We have both Brand New Phones and Used Phones. Brand new phones will come with the Original Apple Box, Cable, Earpods and Charger. For the Used phones, it comes with twoSwitch Mobile’s box. The reason why we have painstakingly made these boxes so that we can ship more phones in. Our boxes are slimmer and more protective than the original Apple box as there are thick foams to cushion and impacts during shipping and handling. Just imagine, we can bring in 3 iPhones in our boxes compare to 1 iPhone in its original box. This helps us to reduce cost and bring the savings to our customers.

Do they come with original accessories?

We will provide New Cable and New Charger. Earpods are not provided with the purchase. Please refer to the product page for more details.

Are the phones refurbished?

No. These are phones are not refurbished. There are used phones in excellent condition. Being connected to our counterparts in other countries like the US, most telecommunication companies place huge amount of orders, to bring the price down and have a better support from the device makers. The devices are then activated (putting their sim card in and removed) and once they decided to move on, these phones are then exported out. And this is where we get our phones from.

Are the phones unlocked?

Yes they are and the phones are open to all networks, locally and abroad.

How is the battery life of the phone?

Since these phones are in excellent condition, the batteries are in optimum condition. Almost like new from the manufacturer's factory.

What kind of guarantee will you provide?

To back up what we claim, we provide a six months warranty on the phones we sell. The IMEI numbers are recorded in our system and we use the customer's contact details for validation. If there are any issues, you can always come back to us. We sell top quality phones and we are confident that it will exceed your expectations.

What is an IMEI number?

Every mobile phone or device with a built in phone or modem has a unique 15 digit International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI number. The IMEI is only used for identifying the device.

How do I find my IMEI number?

To obtain your IMEI number enter *#06# on your mobile phone. The IMEI number can also be found on the original packaging or on a white label underneath the battery of your device.

What is an IMEI block?

Using your phone’s unique identifying number, you can ensure your lost or stolen phone cannot be used on any network in New Zealand by requesting an IMEI block through your mobile phone service provider.

How do I check if an IMEI number has been blacklisted?

Check an IMEI number against our blacklisted database by entering the device’s IMEI number here.

What the results mean?

Red status: this IMEI number is currently blacklisted.

Green status: this IMEI number is not currently blacklisted.