Why knock-off lightning cords fry your iPhone

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Are cheap iPhone chargers safe to use with the iPhone?

Here's how counterfeit cables can destroy your phone and cause it to stop charging. Here is a good link on the Apple Support Website to help you identify if the lightning cable you have is counterfeit


Ok if you got time, read on!

When I get asked if buying a $17 charging accessory is really necessary, I have but one answer. You betcha. Real lightning cables prevent your iPhone from frying.

Jessa Jones, of iPad Rehab and an all-around repair badass, puts it like this:
MFi stands for “Made for iPhone, iPod, or iPad.”

“The MFi cables are important because those have a chip inside the cable that will protect your device from voltage fluctuations that will kill the device.”

MFi cables are designed to work with an iPhone. The Tristar (or U2 chip) regulates the amount of power that your phone’s logic board can receive. A bonafide MFi charger has what’s called an E75 chip. The E75 is like a bouncer. It scans the crowd outside of the door, makes sure everything is chill, and then tells your phone that it’s okay go ahead and take in the voltage. Then, the E75 validates the message with a super-secret password. If you plug in a cord that doesn’t have an E75, you’ll see a "Accessory not supported" message on your phone. No password, no charging.

Naturally, entrepreneurs in certain parts of the world have reverse-engineered that E75 component to make a cheap, knockoff charging cable. The fake E75 chip tricks Apple by acting like a high schooler with a fake ID. Then things get rowdy. The cheap charger routes unregulated power into the device—which can destroy the Tristar chip and causes the aforementioned battery woes.

Many non-MFi accessory-makers slap a fake MFi sticker on their products—even though they’re not accredited. So, your safest best is to go through trusted, verified sources to get your accessory fix.

The cheaper the charging cord, the more likely it’s a shady charging cable that will eventually fry your phone.

Of course, it’s much easier to just avoid knock-off chargers in the first place. No knock-off = no damage = no need for a repair. So next time you’re thinking about plugging a sketchy cord into your $700 iPhone—just put the cord down and walk away. Those cheap cords are way more trouble than they’re worth. Else you can just purchase one from us at TwoSwitch Mobile

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