Looking for cheap screen replacement? Think again.

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More than 75% of the iPhone screens being used by iPhone repair shops around the globe are using copy glass and aftermarket LCD to repair your expensive iPhone. This number can increase based on supply and demand in certain markets from what we have seen. If you look at the picture above, you can obviously see the difference in color from each display. The display on the right is an original quality panel, look at your iPhone and see how the black is one unit. The fake iPhone screen on the left has an obvious "window" inside and is more apparent at an angle. 

Left - Fake screen. Right - Original

The aftermarket screen looks like an old tv from the 90's. If you look really closely on an aftermarket screen it is not retina. You can see pixels and it looks awful.

Though it maybe very tempting to go for cheap screen replacements, we also have heard stories about iPhone users dropping their phones and the next thing, the screen stops working. twoSwitch Mobile always recommends our readers or followers to use genuine screens replace from authorised Apple repair shops.


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