iOS 12 Major Performance Improvements for Old Devices

iOS 12 Major Performance Improvements for Old Devices

Updates often slow down your iPhone, but Apple says this update will speed your phone up. iOS 12 will speed up everything from your app launches to your keyboard and camera.

"For iOS 12, we are doubling down on performance," Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, said during WWDC's opening keynote. "We're working top to bottom making improvements to make your device faster and more responsive. We're focusing our efforts especially on the oldest devices."

Major performance improvements

Crucially, the major productivity gains will be coming to even the oldest supported devices -- as far back as the iPhone 5S. Federighi focused on these older devices to highlight some impressive speed improvements. According to Apple, iOS 12 brings performance improvements to more devices than any previous version

Yes, all your iOS devices will be both faster and more responsive -- it's an update, after all -- but if Apple's numbers are true, we might really see the difference on version no. 12. The company noted that apps can launch up to twice as fast on devices, while you could see major speed increases in photography (the camera app will open around 70 percent faster on iOS 12), and even keyboard summoning times are cut in half on older supported devices.

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